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Attention All Hands DOF Spring Conference in Safety Harbor

To All:

If the thought of attending the upcoming DOF Spring Conference in Safety Harbor isn't fulfilling enough for you, maybe an aerial view of the Resort & Spa will entice you to move forward with your reservations.

After attending my first Conference here a few years ago, I was kicking myself for not coming to this magnificent resort and quaint "Main Street" town sooner. I haven't missed an event here since. If nothing else, treat your wife or girlfriend (but not both) to a mini-vacation.

I've observed first hand the need for ALL Detachments to hone their skills regarding the 'ins & outs' of running a Detachment properly, especially the processing of the paperwork involved. The Department's Professional Development Program (PDP) offers invaluable tutoring to help in that area, along with a myriad of other operational details. I've been through the course several times, and I still pick up something new each time. The PDP course takes place on Friday, April 8th. For educational value, Friday is a key date. If you can't stay for the full Conference, do your best to attend on Friday. March 24th is the registration deadline for the PDP, and it is $15 well invested.

If you're a Devil Dog, the Florida Pack Growl on Friday evening is always entertaining. Who knows, you might even run into an old buddy from your time on active duty. I ran into someone who served in the same unit as I, Mike 3/7, some time ago.

When I went to my first Conference several years ago as Jr. Vice Commandant of my Detachment, I felt a little out of place...because I didn't know anybody, except for those members in my Detachment. But now, with a number of meetings under my belt, I look forward to seeing the people I've established friendships with. You will, too, but you have to be there.

For Saturday's schedule of events, if you have never witnessed a Chapel of Four Chaplains award ceremony, you will be impressed. Stay for the business segment and learn what your Department is doing to keep things running smoothly. Lots of awards & certificates will be handed out, maybe even some for you and/or your Detachment. The Saturday night banquet is always festive.

Registration for the Conference closes in about a week, March 7th, to be exact. It's only $5 to pre-register, and your Detachment will probably cover that expense. Here is the link for registration and all the Conference details:

I hope to see you there.


Nathan Pratt

Vice Commandant, District 5, Dept of Florida

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