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Happy Birthday Marines MCL Commandant Message.

From the National Commandant of the Marine Corps League

246th Marine Corps Birthday Message

Marines, 246 years ago, a Corps of Marines was founded at Tun Tavern, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1921 we who are Marines, celebrate the birth of our Corps on 10 November. For the past 246 years, our citizens have called upon and counted on the Marines to do what we do best, to defend American soil and protect the American way of life and freedoms. It is a mission that we all swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The Marine Corps League is a continuation of the esprit de corps that we all enjoyed while serving on active duty or the reserves. This common spirit and patriotism exist in all members of our League. We all share this inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong honor of being a Marine. Within our Marine Corps League membership today, we have the greatest generation of Marines that served during World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Beirut, Gulf War in Iraq and Afghanistan, and many other areas threatening our American way of life. Marines rose to the occasion then as they do now. America is proud of their Marines and rightfully so. As Marines, we are extremely proud of our history and our legacy. The Marine Corps League also has its history and legacy and we are just as proud. As each of you celebrates the 246th year of the birth of the Marine Corps, I ask that you please remember our legacy and those that served before us. Think about and remember that esprit de corps that made us who we are today, United States Marines. Celebrate the bond that all Marines enjoy. Be proud of your Marine Corps and your Marine Corps League. So, Happy Birthday Marines. Enjoy your celebrations throughout our country and continue to focus on each other and making our League stronger for all of us to enjoy! If you do not attend a formal celebration on the birth of our Marine Corps, please celebrate this day in your own way. Call a Marine that you haven􏰀t heard from in a while and just say, “Happy Birthday Marine!” Stay healthy and take care of one another.

Semper Fidelis,

Johnny Baker

National Commandant

Maine Corps League

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