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Member Update: Jim Payne

Submitted by: Lee Radford

Jim Payne

I have been trying to locate Jim for several years.

Jim was a strong solicitor in T4T and other activities in the League as well as very active in all functions. A number of people have asked me if I knew where he was over the past several years. He was a special person to many of us.

Please see below:::::

Lee Radford.

"Marines, Family and Friends, I was informed today that Jim Payne has been in the hospital for 3 weeks, this time. He sounds pretty upbeat but is very lonely. The doctors are not sure what is wrong with him but he suffers from many afflictions, to include agent orange. He is widowed and one of his sons sees him regularly. Jim has been a long time supporter by donating funds, helping with rosters and has attended many reunions. It would be so nice if we called or sent him a card/note to cheer him up. Here is his contact info. He loves to talk to other Marines!! His cell is 352-661-7267. This is his son's mailing address and he will get it to Jim

Mr. James W. Payne 34 Gristmill Ct. Johnson City, TN 37615 Thank you, Gale"

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