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UPDATED: Recruiting An assistant Comms Officer... or more

Being the webmaster for Detachment 1267 requires an individual to be creative and work within the confines of the established marketing theme, while promoting the overall message for the Detachment. Over the past years the Webmaster, the duties grew into areas such as Graphic Arts, Marketing & Advertising, and Email Communications - leading this position to be more of an Artistic Creative Director. This is felt to be best covered under the Communications Department. There is a lot of lea-way given to the position of Communications Officer (Comms Officer). For one person, it can be very time consuming.

That is why the Comms Officer is seeking an assistance with one or more additional detachment members, to break up the tasks of managing the Communications Department. Volunteers need to have had experience with "drag-n-drop" type software. This forms the basis of the website-online-editing, similar to creating "Power-Point" or "Keynote" presentations. Volunteers will need a good strong computer to handle the load of graphics used in the creative process.

Beside the "graphic arts" the department uses "google calendar" to publish upcoming events on the website. The use of "social media" plays a roll in "getting the word out" as well. Volunteers should be able to post messages on multiple "social media" platforms.

Additionally, the "Comms Department" will work towards the following:

1. Standardizing the online-downloadable detachments forms

2. Creating, updating and uploading Detachment Members Profiles

3. Assisting in development of Detachment Recruiting Material

4. Verifying Detachment Rosters necessary for communications

5. Providing Graphic Arts services for Marine Corps Birthday-Ball committees

6. Updating historical files

Here are examples of past graphic arts projects created under the the webmasters/ Communications office.


DoF Spring Conference Ad

National Convention Ad

(published in Black & White)


DoF Ad

DoF Ad

DoF Ad




DoF Ad

DoF Ad

DoF Ad


DoF Spring Conference Ad

Creation of Logos

Official Detachment 1267 Logo

Official MCLA Villages Unit Logo

MODD Pound #335 Logo

Rose Program Logo

Headers for emails

The Communication Department also worked with the local Toys For Tots group to create the draft Toys For Tots truck "wrap"

Actual Wrap

If you are interesting in this type of work, please contact the Communications officer.

2023 DoF Spring Con Ad

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