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Officer Nomination Form

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Electronic Nominations Form

In accordance with MCL by-laws, nominees shall be members in good standing, as defined under the National By-Laws. Nominations from the floor will be held at the Detachment’s regular scheduled meetings, in the months of February, March, and final nominations and the election of officers at the regularly scheduled April meeting.  

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I have consulted with the following individual(s), and I nominate the following person(s) for the following position(s).  


Sr. Vice Commandant

Jr. Vice Commandant

Judge Advocate

By clicking the blue button below, you affirm that you have consulted with the person you are nominating, and they are a member in good standing with the Marine Corps League, and that they will agree to accept this position, and fulfill the duties thereunto should they become elected.    Click here to read our privacy policy

Thanks for your nomination!

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