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Officer Nomination Form

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Electronic Nominations Form

In accordance with MCL National by-laws, only Regular Members (in good standing), are allowed to hold elected office and to vote on those nominated. Note: Associate Members, can not nominate nor vote to elect offices.  Voting shall be restricted to those Regular Members (in good standing), of Detachment 1267, as defined under the National By-Laws Article V. Sec. 515.a, linked herein, (National By-Laws). In accordance with the MCL Det 1267 by-laws section 8.7 “Elections Process:” The Commandant, having determined that requirements set forth have been met to the best of the abilities of the Nomination Committee, does hereby offer to the Regular Members (in good standing), the following for selection of Elected Officials for Detachment 1267. Submission of this electronic form, by the Regular Member “in-good-standing” (in accordance with section 7.5 of the detachment by-laws), shall constitute the submission of a ballot. The electronic ballot will be checked for completeness and duplicate submissions. Duplicate submissions found shall be eliminated, and the last submission by the member shall be held as the final wishes of the member casting their vote.

MCL Logo DET 1267 Red Large.001.jpeg

I have consulted with the following individual(s), and I nominate the following person(s) for the following position(s).  


Sr. Vice Commandant

Jr. Vice Commandant

Judge Advocate

By clicking the blue button below, you affirm that you have consulted with the person you are nominating, and they are a member in good standing with the Marine Corps League, and that they will agree to accept this position, and fulfill the duties thereunto should they become elected.    Click here to read our privacy policy

Thanks for your nomination!

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