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Leadership Scholarship



Scholarship Program

The Marine Corps League,  (MCL) Col. Phillip C. DeLong,  Detachment #1267 (Det 1267), Leadership Scholarship Program (LSP), has been extended to include Det 1267 family members.  This Leadership Scholarship award is intended to provide academic assistance to those students who demonstrate sound leadership abilities and are Det 1267 family members.  A qualifying  MCL Det 1267 member is a man or woman who is a "regular" or "associate" member of the MCL Det 1267 in good standing.  They must be the parent (step-parent), spouse or grandparent of the person they intend to sponsor. No nieces, nephews or neighbors.

A.  Requirements:

1.  All applicants must have a sponsor in good standing.

2.  Any Senior Student in good standing who has demonstrated sound leadership and excelled in academics, community service, good citizenship, and patriotism as a member of the student body of their High School. 

3.  Acceptance letter (intent) to a two- or four-year institution of higher education.

B.  Scholarship Amount:

A scholarship will be awarded each year to a Senior Student(s) of a family member currently in MCL Det 1267 in the amount of at least $500.00 to be used towards the pursuit of higher education.

C.  Instructions:

Complete application form. DO NOT skip any question.

Ensure your sponsor (an MCL Det 1267 member in good standing) gets

ALL required signatures prior to final submission.

Answer all questions on Parts A & B.

All applications will be typed in 12 point font.

Do not make any changes to the application.

Complete the leadership essay in Part C using the format prescribed.

Letters of recommendation ARE NOT REQUIRED nor will they be considered.


Application must be postmarked by midnight



Wednesday, February 16, 2024



All Scholarship Committee decisions are final.

The Scholarship Committee Chairman will notify applicants of


March 15th, 2024

D.  Attachments

(please attach the following)

Letter of acceptance from a 2- to 4-year institution of higher education. If you do not have your letter of acceptance by the date this application is due, your Scholarship Coordinator can provide a letter of verification listing the schools you have applied to.



E.  Application Submission

Completed application (and attachments) should be mailed to:

Col. Phillip Delong Detachment 1267

Marine Corps League Scholarship Committee

11962 CR101, Suite 302 (PMB# 112)

The Villages, FL 32162

Deadline: Application must be received by midnight


Wednesday, February 16, 2024



For more information, please email Fred Geier,,

or call


Click on the link below to open and download the application.

2024 Leadership Scholarship Application Form

Night Golf

Night Golf

Col. Phillip C. DeLong,

Marine Corps League,

Detachment 1267,

Leadership Scholarship

Couples Night Golf Tournament,

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Night Golf Entry Form


Thursday April 18th, 2024

Saturday April 20th, 2024


For more information




phone:  352.751.2591






Fred Geier

The past Leadership Scholarship Awardees (LSA)
Click the link below for the notification
Past LSA

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