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Marine of the Year

Nomination Form

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Electronic Nominations Form

Within the detachment, there is no award higher than that of

the "Marine of the Year" that can be bestowed upon a

Marine Corps League member by the Marine of the Year Society. 

All detachments have a Marine who performs and displays the dedication, leadership qualities and principles of a good

Marine above all others. 

It is this Marine who is always willing to roll up his/her sleeves to do that tough job, the daunting tasks or put in the long hours of personal sacrifice, without hopes of reward, all to achieve the goals of the detachment and the Marine Corps League.  All of this is evaluated through the Marines participation, and noteworthy accomplishments, perseverance and devotion to duty.

"Marine of the Year" is the award to recognize that special Marine.

MCL Logo DET 1267 Red Large.001.jpeg

Marine of the Year

Detachment Bylaws

From the detachment bylaws:




The Chairperson is chosen by the Marine of the Year Committee.

The protocol for this Committee shall be


(a) The Commandant shall not be on this Committee but will be composed of past recipients


(b) The Committee will meet during December for the purpose of reviewing all nominations received from members of the Detachment


(c) The Chairperson must receive all nominations no later than the regular November meeting


(d) No member of the Detachment will be considered for this award unless the recommendation is received in writing


(e) The recommendation shall include all information supporting the nomination and clearly address why this member should receive the award


(f)Consideration will be given by the Committee regarding the member’s contributions to the Detachment, the Community, and the Marine Corps League


(g) An award, worthy of the occasion, shall be provided in the Detachments yearly budget


(h) A decision shall be made regarding the submission of the Detachment


“Marine of the Year” to Department, Southeast Division, and National Headquarters for consideration (MCL National Administrative Procedures Section 3105g). Presentation of this award is intended to recognize that individual who has made the most significant contribution to the Detachment during the immediately past fiscal year and will be presented in a special Ceremony.

Marine of the Year (MOY) and Associate Marine of the Year (AMOY) nominations are submitted to,

and only seen by the Chairman of the committee. These nominations are held in "secret" until such time as the Chairman calls forth the participating committee members and selects the

Marine Of the Year.

I, (the person as listed directly above) affirm that I am a "Member in Good Standing" with the Marine Corps League and a member of Marine Corps League Detachment 1267. That I do hereby

nominate the person shown listed directly below

(the nominee), for consideration for

"Marine Of the Year"

By clicking the blue "Submit Your Nomination" button below, you affirm that you nominating a member of the Detachment 1267, and they are a "Member in Good Standing" with the

Marine Corps League.


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OOH RAH! Your MOY nomination has been securely sent to the Committee Chairman via specially trained Homing Pigeons and guarded by Top Secret Devil Dogs. Semper Fidelis.

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