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2019 Thanksgiving Greeting

To All Hands:

It is easy to take for granted all the many blessings we enjoy here in such an ideal living environment.

While much of our Nation suffers through the wayward torments of Mother Nature, we are fortunate to celebrate this holiday in a moderate clime of sun and fun.

During your offering of gratitude at the Thanksgiving table, remember to include those who are less fortunate in your prayers, that they may also enjoy some respite from their daily adversities.

To all those who are either traveling from this area or have family and friends coming to this area, I wish everyone safe travels and a journey free of any mishaps.

Take a moment to reflect on those members of our armed forces, that they may enjoy a few moments of peace and thanks, while serving this great country. Ask for a protective hand to guide them safely from harm’s way and that they return home with a healthy mind and body.

We all have challenges that test our resolve on any given day, however, find a way to put those aside for this one day, and give a hearty thanks for all the good blessings bestowed upon you.




Nathan Pratt


Col. Phillip C. DeLong

Det. 1267

Marine Corps League

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