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A personal Pinning

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

As a result of the "Vietnam Commemorative Veteran Lapel Pinning event at Buffalo Crossing and the news coverage in the local news paper, a special request was made to provide a "Vietnam Commemorative Veteran Lapel Pin" for a veteran in a dire circumstance. Janice Hippe made a request for her husband, Jack, an Army veteran, to be "pinned" before undergoing surgery. The "Vietnam Commemorative Partner Committee, sprang into action and organized this event for the day before Jack was scheduled for that surgery.

(L-R) Jack Hippe, Reggie Nealy, Neil Stapleton, Nathan Pratt, "Garf" Cooper.

Unbeknownst to Jack, his wife Janice, invited their neighbors to attend the pinning event at their home.

Members of the VN Commemoration Committee, Jack & Janice Hippe and their neighbors.

The ceremony was conducted in accordance with the proper protocol.

Jack Hippe, receives his pin from Lou Calleja

Jacks & Janice's neighbors watch as Jack is presented his VN Commemoration pin.

Some fo Jack & Janice's neighbors observing the ceremony.

Lou Calleja, Nathan Pratt, Reggie Nealy, Neil Stapleton Render Honors to Jack Hippe (seated).

Before ending the ceremony, the VN Commemoration Committee asked if any other veterans were present and if they had served during the Vietnam War.

More neighbors of Jack & Janice Hippe

Lou Calleja Chairman, VN Commemoration Committee, pins another veteran.

Here is a short video of the event.


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