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Change of Command

Dte: May 17, 2021, (19:00)

To say retirement is a time to kick back and relax, has not known what it takes to command a detachment such as MCL Det 1267. To go back in our history, the Detachments last Change of Command (CoC) was between Out going, 2 consecutive terms, Commandant Reggie Nealy and incoming Commandant Nathan Pratt. Working together the transition was seamless and relatively un-eventful.

Marine Nathan Pratt stepped up and accepted the position as Commandant in 2018, again in 2019, and in the face of a national pandemic, remained "in-charge" for a 3rd consecutive term.

On May 17th, 2021 Senior Vice Commandant Bill Ward accepted the position/ promotion to command Detachment 1267 as Commandant. In the photo above, outgoing Commandant Pratt, hand the Detachment Colors to incoming Commandant Ward.

Past Department Commandant Lou Calleja, issues the "Oath of Office" to the incoming elected and appointed officers.

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