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Dues, Dues, Dues!!!

Why are we hearing the same old song?

1st reason:  The expiration date for your current membership is 31 August 2018.

2nd reason:  It takes forever to get members off the delinquent list.

3rd reason:  I hate being late. 

So, that leaves me only one choice….Send reminders to the 70 plus members who need to pay annual dues.  Sorry to those who this does not apply to.   If you could not take it to the meeting, please mail me a check made out to:     MCL DET 1267.

Mail to:

MCL Det #1267

Attn:  Adjutant

11962 CR 101, Suite 302 PMB 112

The Villages, FL 32162

If you are receiving emails from me, the Acting Communications Officer Kathryn Scott, and you don’t want any MCL Det 1267 emails, let me know and I will remove your name.  I’m working with a list from our current Communications Officer who is currently on leave.




MCL Det 1267

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