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E-Mail Scam Alert

With every crisis comes unscrupulous people who are just trying to take your money.

An email allegedly from someone you know, is asking for a favor and then asking for gift cards."

More likely than not, THIS IS A SCAM!

This is commonly refereed to as "PHISHING" (pronounced fishing).

Please do not respond to any such requests.

It is painful that others would prey upon the goodness in your hearts and the trust that we have built among us. We here at MCL Det 1267 are sorry this is happening, and we are not alone in being attacked by such scams.

What you should do if you receive an email like this. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Change all your passwords.

As daunting as that may sound, chances are that the email address you received the Phishing email on is or will be compromised. You should change all your passwords regularly, but now is a great time to change them and try to avoid the risk of having your identity or money in the bank stolen.

2. Most email addresses, have a recovery email associated with it. This is used to recover lost or forgotten passwords. Double check that the recovery email address is not changed to something you don't know about or have never seen, and the passwords for it has not been changed.

3. Keep an eye on your back account and check for mysterious deposits and withdraws. alert your bank immediately if you do notice anything strange occurring with your accounts.

4. Remember to never click on a link in an email, unless you are 100% cretin of who it is from.

Click here for a list of the latest scam alerts from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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