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Free Meals, Discounts and Offers for Veterans Day, Nov 11th, 2023

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From the VA News Website:

Veterans Day 2023 is Saturday, Nov. 11. This Veterans Day discounts list will continue to be updated as we learn of more nationally available Veterans Day discounts, meals or other ways businesses and organizations want to give back to Veterans. These Veterans Day and year-round discounts, free meals and other programs are being shared so that Veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors are aware of all resources available to them. Offers are subject to change and may not be available in all locations. Verify with the organization offering.

Please consider giving (as a tip) to the restaurant staff, what you can, in the savings (the cost of your meal) that the establishment owner/ manager is giving to you.

Click this link and scroll the page to see what deals and offers are nearest to you.

To view the Veterans Day Teachers Resource Guide, Click Here

To read the history of Veterans Day, Click Here

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