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243 Birthday message Nat MCL


The US Marine Corps is celebrating the 243rd Birthday of our beloved Corps in locations all over the world. The Marine Corps League entered the scene in 1923, with our charter approved by Congress in 1937.

Why is this relationship important? The League continues to have the fireteams, detachments, departments and divisions deployed across our Nation where those Marines have come from over the 243-year history of our Corps. We stepped up to increase our support of the active components of the Marine Corps, and now we are working to become a critical partner with the Marine for Life program. Our future is dependent on our younger generation of Marines becoming part of our organization.

General Neller and his staff continues to support our efforts to build a stronger Team. Marine transition and synergy on how we accomplish this is key to keeping the Marine Corps and Marine Corps League as a working team to accomplish our missions for today and the future. We have also engaged in a Memorandum of Understanding with Marine Corps Association and Foundation to create a better support structure for our Marines in the Active Duty component or the Marines we serve.

We have Marines all over the world doing their job to protect and safeguard the free world from harm as Marines have always done. We need to take the time to celebrate the history of our Corps and League as we move forward in a new relationship.

From Headquarters Marine Corps League and the staff, Happy Birthday, Marines.

Semper Fidelis,


Wendell W. Webb National Commandant and CEO Marine Corps League

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