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Marine, & Associate of the Year, 2019-2020.

Marine of the Year and Associate of the Year Award was presented on Monday, Feb. 17. This years awardees were recognized for their efforts in supporting the Detachment 1267 operations.

Marine Associate of the Year was presented to Ron Perich, along with a framed and signed print of Col. DeLong’s WWII Corsair.

Marine of the Year, for 2019 Award was presented to Mark Rhodes with a plaque.

The detachment, which was formed in 2007, has named a Marine of the Year every year since its inception. Past winners include:

2007: Jack Maiz

2008: Joe Olimpio *

2009: Ralph Hoffman *

2010: Fred Geier

2011: Daniel J. Smyczynski *

2012: Charles Miner

2013: G. Lee Radford

2014: Dennis J. Faillo

2015: Donald R. Westlake

2016: John L. Davies

2017: Nathan Pratt

2018: Reggie Nealy

* = Deceased

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