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Marine Of the Year

This years "Marine Of the Year" award will be at the February 21st 2022 meeting. All prior Marine Of the Year Award recipients, from any detachment, are requested to wear the formal Red jacket, White shirt, Black tie, Black trousers and shoes, with your MOY award medallion.

All past MOY Award recipients are asked to remain after the meeting so that group and individual photos can be taken.

(L-R) Dennis J. Faillo, G. Lee Radford, Joseph F. Olimpio, Reinald Nealy, Jack Maiz, Nathan Pratt, Robert Beale, Fred J. Geier, Thomas Upton, Andy Mincer, Luis R. Calleja, Neil Stapleton,

James J. Tuohy, James M. Stewart, Mark Rhodes, James Hackbarth, James J. Davies

Semper Fidelis

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