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Memorial Flag Placing, Florida National cemetery, Bushnell Florida.

Here are the instructions for volunteers for the Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell Florida, Flag Placement Day, May 30th, 2021

Senior Vice Commandant Dennis Faillo is the Point of Contact (PoC) for Detachment 1267 volunteers, while at Bushnell National Cemetery.

Anyone wishing to "car-pool" should meet up at Seabreeze Recreation Center no later than 07:05. Vehicles will plan their departure between 07:15 and 07:30 May 30th, 2021 to arrive no later than 08:45.

Detachment 1267 has been assigned sections 429 & 445

Instructions for Volunteers.

Arrive at Florida National Cemetery and proceed to the Section as designated on your ticket (Detachment 1267 has been assigned to Sections 429 & 445) to arrive no later than 08:45AM.

Expect heavy traffic near the cemetery. RAIN OR SHINE, we will proceed.

Detachment 1267 members are kindly asked to wear their red detachment shirts and red covers.

What to bring:

• A screw driver and hammer • Your own bottled drinking water Your Section Team Leader will be waiting for you at your section.

  • Flags will be passed out to volunteers at 9:00 AM.

  • Volunteers with loved ones buried in the cemetery will be allowed to place flags on their graves before others are permitted to place any flags. Placing the Flags

  • Flags only go on the front of a headstone or marker; none on the back, even if there is a name there.

  • Place the flag 12 inches from the CENTER of gravestone or marker, and 4 inches deep. Use four inch screw driver as needed.

  • Columbarium placement is one flag in front of each column in the trench that already exists. What to say when placing the flag

Read the veteran’s name aloud and thank them for their service and sacrifice.

Flag Removal Day, June 5

Scheduled start time is 9:00AM.

Please bring an old towel or rag to wipe down the flag staffs before bundling. Upon collecting flags bundle them in bundles of twenty. • use one rubber band wrapped twice at the top of the bundle • and another rubber band wrapped thrice at the bottom • place the completed bundles into the totes provided do not pick up flags that vary from the size of our standard flag

Click Here, for a link to the map.

You can download and print out the volunteer instructions and the map from these two files.

F4FV 2021 Volunteer Instructions
Download P • 100KB

FL National Cemetary Map
Download PDF • 242KB

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