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PACT Act update: 20220818

The Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins (PACT) Act not only benefits Gulf War Veterans but Vietnam Veterans as well. If you were exposed to Agent Orange, as so many of us were, and have been diagnosed with Hypertension, (in addition to all the other illnesses) you can now file a claim (or additional claim) for disability benefits. Hypertension has now been added to the list of presumptive conditions, which means it automatically qualifies through the establishment of law. You don't have to argue with the VA, just provide the requested verification.

Click Here to read the entire bill/law

Linked below, is an overview of the PACT Act and covers the process of filing. Some report that filing an additional claim online took around 30 minutes, there was a delay while searching for a DD 214. Be sure to review it if you were victimized by any of the described toxins.

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