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Pleading for help with a hit and run accident

Fernandina/Village residents please help! There was a hit and run accident at the corner of Pinellas and Abana on Wednesday night, October 27th. You may know the hit and run driver, he headed down Abana to flee the accident. He drove a white golf cart with a "Bills" license plate on the back of the cart and a Fernandina license plate on the front. Additionally, the front license plate had a license holder that said US Marines. The Marines and Fernandina plates were knocked off his cart, so are no longer there. This was a serious accident with many injuries. So, if you know someone in Fernandina whose cart looks or looked like the one described, please contact the Florida Highway Patrol at *347 or 888-269-8477 and tell them it's for case #89568188. Thank you for your help!


S/F, Nathan

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