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Proposed Detachment Name Change

FROM COMMANDANT PRATT: Recently, there has been much discussion regarding a proposed name change for the Detachment. After a carefully detailed review, the decision was made to retain the Col. Phillip C. Delong Detachment name and to no longer pursue a change.  For those who participated in the survey, thank you. Following is the message that led to this decision: Sir Commandant Nathan: I wanted to follow up on the email I sent you shortly after Ralph Hoffmann died.  In my email, I highlighted many of Ralph's accomplishments over the years as well as his contributions to the detachment.  The purpose of my email was to express my feelings about Ralph and to have him considered as the namesake of the detachment.  I never intended the email to create controversy or dissension among the membership, it was simply my feelings being communicated at the time.  Since then I understand the Devil Dogs have decided to rename their pound after Ralph, a fitting tribute no doubt.  My email sent out and shared with the detachment and you asked to have a survey done about whether the detachment name should be changed in honor of Ralph.  Since then, I have personally heard from a number of members who feel as I do and others who believe the name should remain as The Colonel Phillip C. DeLong Detachment.  I also understand that changing the name would be a huge undertaking that would involve lots of administrative work with financial implications.  With this in mind, I'd like to ask that you terminate the survey.  We've come a long way as a detachment since the early days when Officers wrote checks from their own pocket to keep the detachment afloat, and those of us who were in this from the start recognize all the good that has been done in the name of Col.Delong.  Let's continue the path of being the most recognized Veterans Organization in The Villages knowing that a large part of our legacy was created by the work and commitment of Master Gunnery Sergeant Ralph Hoffmann who, despite his failing health never stopped his community and detachment service

Jack J. Maiz, Past Commandant Proud Member of the Colonel Phillip C. De Long Detachment 1267 The Villages, FL


Sent by Sr Vice Commandant and Communications Officer John Davies, Marine Corps League Det #1267

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