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LOOK CLOSELY AT THE REINDEER, HE LOOKS CONFUSED HE IS WONDERING HOW MANY MARINES, FMF CORPSMEN, AND ASSOCIATES WILL HELP SORT TOYS AT THE WAREHOUSE DON'T LET THE REINDEER BE CONFUSED COME AND WORK AT THE WAREHOUSE TO HELP  MOOSE (WELL, I COULDN'T FIND A CONFUSED MOOSE) NEEDS YOU! MESSAGE FROM THE MOOSE The setup time is over. Now is the time for the REAL work to begin Beginning Thursday, Nov 1 we will begin the process of filling all those Toys for Tots requests Come to the warehouse at 3320 Hwy 27/441 in Fruitland Park and be prepared to get your hands dirty. We will need 5 to 6 shoppers and an equal number of bag handlers on an almost daily basis between now and December 7. Work hours are 8 till 5 on many days but whatever time you can spare is appreciated. During distribution week, December 10 - 15 we will need even more volunteers to handle traffic control,  bag moving,  record keeping and the many other things we have to do. First-time volunteers are always welcome 

Sent by Sr Vice Commandant and Communications Officer John Davies, Marine Corps League Det #1267

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