The Vote Is In!

Dateline: April 2021.

At the April Meeting of Detachment 1267, under the portion of "New Business" Officer Nomination Committee Chairman, Bob Beale (Honorary Past CMDT DoF) – conducted the final Officer Nominations from the floor. With the approval of the members, a vote was conducted based on the nominees, nominated.

The following MCL Members were nominated, voted on, and elected:

  • Commandant: Bill Ward

  • Sr. Vice Commandant: Dennis Faillo

  • Jr. Vice Commandant: Gary Dow

  • Judge Advocate: Neil Stapleton

The "Installation of Officers", shall be conducted at the next meeting, May 17, 2021, beginning at 19:00,(thats 7pm for you civilians out there). Where hopefully, after being sworn in, the new Commandant, Bill Ward, will, as a first item of business, ask the for the retention of the current Appointed Volunteer Staff Positions.

Congratulations to the newly elected officers for your willingness to serve, and provide the leadership for the detachment.

On behalf of the supporting Appointed Volunteer Staff members of Detachment 1267, and the members thereof, "we" would like to offer our most sincere and humble recognition of Commandant Nathan Pratt. Commandant Pratt, served for 3 consecutive terms (2018-2021) in Detachment 1267, Col. Phillip C. Delong. Commandant Pratt provided unwavering leadership that over saw a variety of events and organizations within the Detachment 1267. Commandant Pratt's leadership contributed to the growth and success, and even faced uncertainty, in the time of a national pandemic, not only survived, it prospered. In appreciation of his tireless efforts in support of Detachment 1267, for his dedication, leadership, and "Esprit de' Corps" are not only creditable, but a shining example of what Marine leadership should look like!

"Marines may retire, but good leadership never will".

"We", pay a special tribute to you ,Commandant Nathan Pratt, for your service to our Country, Corps and Detachment.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,

Semper Fidelis.

The Appointed Staff and Members of Col. Phillip C. DeLong, Detachment 1267.


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