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Veit Nam Era Pinning

This Friday, Nov 11, we will be at Mission BBQ in Lady Lake, as we have in the past, to honor our Vietnam veterans. The start time is 1100, and we will end at 1300. I checked with Dani, the events coordinator, and since we will be indoors, our participation is still on. She said that the Color Guard they had scheduled canceled. The Uniform will be the Undress of the MCL, a white shirt with black or blue trousers, and MCL cover. (if you do not have that uniform, wear the detachment red polo and MCL cover).

If the weather becomes a significant problem, I will email everyone about our participation.

Happy Birthday, Marines

Semper Fidelis, Lou Calleja VN Commemoration Chairman 352-399-6628

Cell: 561-602-7068

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