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Veterans Get 20% OFF at CITY FIRE in The Villages!

Gina Buell, the owner of City Fire restaurants is offering a 20% discount to veterans at both locations, Lake Sumter and Brownwood, for inside dining and take out.

The coupon is attached, and members should present the coupon at the time of placing their order, to receive the discount. This next part is very important! MAKE SURE TO TELL YOUR SERVER YOU ARE A MEMBER OF MARINE CORPS LEAGUE Det. 1267. It can be brought in as a printed copy or downloaded as a cell phone picture. The only disclaimer is that it is not valid with any other discount specials.  This is a rolling discount, that can be used as many times as they like until October 1, 2020.

You can

print this coupon out,


save the coupon as a photo

on your phone.

Just make sure you show it to your server when you order!

Gina has made this offer to all veterans’ organizations in The Villages, and we are the first to respond.Gina said she planned to do something special for the veterans organization that recorded the most uses of the coupon,although she didn’t specify what that may be. 

Semper Fidelis.


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