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Volunteers are needed, 2024 DOF MCL Convention

Volunteers are needed to

help “stuff” Convention “Welcome Bags”

Thursday MORNING – JUNE 6 at 10AM

If you are available and would like to assist,

Contact Team Captain Patti Armstrong at

Workers are needed for Rosie’s Hospitality Room

 “Set-up” Thursday MORNING

 Volunteer for an hour or 2-hour shift and have some fun doing it

Hospitality Suite scheduled to be open:

Thursday, June 6 – 2pm...11pm

Friday, June 7 -- 2pm...11pm

Saturday, June 8 -- 2pm—4pm [closed during Banquet]

ReOpen at 9pm--11pm

Assistance is also needed Sunday MORNING for “tear down”

Before you head home........ “lend a hand”

Contact: Scott Sims at

***Donations appreciated.....

Any “B B S” donation will be accepted and appreciated

[Booze, Beer, Snacks--chips, pretzels, snacks, nuts, crackers, etc]

NOTE: “Bottles” of Beer are preferred ..for ease of handling..

Most requested Brands: Miller Lite, Coors, Coors Light, Michelob,

Michelob Ultra, and “your favorite”

If you have any questions, contact:

Scott Sims at

Complete CONVENTION PACKET available at:

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