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Welcome HomeVietnam Veterans Day

Dateline: March 29, 2021

Locations: Mission BBQ, Lady Lake Florida

The Vietnam War Commemoration Partners, upheld their mission to honor and welcome home Vietnam Veterans. Lou Calleja, Chairman, Vietnam Commemoration Committee stated in an email to the committee members: "I am very proud of the dedication each of you shows in our humble mission. Because of the sincere words, you say a few of the veterans had tears down their cheeks."

Promptly at noon, the "Colors" were presented by the Marine Corps League, Detachment 1267, Col. Phillip C. DeLong Color Guard, under the command of Detachment Judge Advocate, Neil Stapleton. Neil lead the Pledge of Allegiance, before a women veteran, sang The National Anthem. Following was a Marine (Not On Active Duty,(NOAD)) who played "Taps", and a moment of silence was observed for our fallen and past brethren.

An "After Action Report" was submitted via the website portal, with three photos. Col. Joe Ramos was emailed as well, to keep him in the loop. He has been very helpful with all our events.

The Vietnam Commemoration Committee, would like to graciously thank Mission BBQ, of Lady Lake Florida, for hosting this event. Mission BBQ proves that they will go out of their way to honor military, veterans and first responders, and we are grateful for their continuing support.

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans!

Here are some photos of the event. Click on a photo to enlarge.

Photos by : Lou Calleja, Tom Ciesla, & Mark Rhodes

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