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Dues are Due

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

So, I was talking to Commandant Ward the other day, about the detachment and how things are going.

He was telling me how hard everyone works to support the events and causes that the detachment supports.

But it was a little puzzling how he kept repeating himself about one thing... Now what was it that he was saying?

Oh! That's right...


If you're already a Lifetime member, everything is okay,

you are good to go.

If you're not, a lifetime member, here is all you have to do...

First, click the link "Dues Notification Post" below

to see how much you need...

Then come back to this email.

Then, get your check book,

and write us a check

for the amount you need to pay.

In the memo field/line, please write

"2020-2021 Annual Dues"


"Lifetime Membership"

Oh, and make sure you sign the thing on the right line!

Next, get an envelope, and a, stamp.

Address it to:

Marine Corps League, Detachment 1267,

11962 CR 101,

Suite 302, PMB 112

The Villages, Florida 32162

Make sure the stamp, will not fall off!

After that, drop it off at the post office.

Don't worry,

they'll make sure it gets to us.


You can bring a check or cash with you,

to the next monthly meeting,

and give it to the Jr. Vice Commandant directly.

It's pretty simple really.

Look, you're doing good work here!

These are a great bunch of guys and gals,

working hard to support the community.

They would really miss you if you couldn't be a part

of the detachment.

So don't let you're membership expire,

renew that membership today!

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