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The 2024 DOF MCL Convention is scheduled for JUNE 6—9, at Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place!!  

Attached is the complete 2024 DOF MCL Convention Packet

The "zip" file folder contains ten [10] documents with important Convention information, along with "fillable" Forms for your convenience.

Information and "fillable" Forms will also be available on the Department of Florida MCL


District Vice Commandants please forward this email to your respective Detachments.

Detachment Commandants, Auxiliary Unit Presidents, MODD PoundKeepers please forward this email 

to your Members. 


The Hilton “link” to make your guestroom reservation is indicated below:

                 DEPT OF FLORIDA MARINE CORP 2024 (       


There is also an 800 number indicated in the Convention Packet to call and make your hotel reservation.

Be sure to use code "DOFMC24"  when making your reservation.

If you have any problems making your hotel reservation, please do not hesitate to contact me at:


Thank you for your assistance in "getting the word out" about the upcoming exciting 

Department of Florida MCL annual Convention--JUNE 6…9, 2024



Semper Fi,


Trisha Marsh


Department of FL Marine Corps League

2020 Dept of FL Associate of the Year

2018-2021;  2023--2024 Convention Chair

2023--2024 Dept of FL Historian

2024 DOF MCL Convention PACKET
Download ZIP • 1.19MB

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