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A message from Commandant Ward

On this solemn day we pause to remember all those who have given their all for this country. And while one day out of the year is sufficient enough for many Americans,many of us who have lost family and friends choose to always remember these heroes on an almost daily basis. On this memorial day I wish to honor one of those heroes, my friend and fellow Marine officer, 2nd Lieutenant Fred Hartman. Fred was the only child of a Chicago policeman and his lovely wife. Fred was killed on April 25, 1969 while leading his platoon across an open rice paddy in pursuit of a VC force. Fred had been previously wounded in an earlier fire fight, and had refused medevac until all of his men were pulled from the scene. Fred was awarded The Bronze star with combat "V", two purple hearts, The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Vietnamese Legion of Merit . I will always remember him as a great friend and true patriot. I wish everyone a great holiday and fond remembrances' of those heroes who touched your lives.

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