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A request for help

If you can help out and contribute, that would be great. Share those old photos and share a small part of history you experienced.

A request for help was posted on Facebook this morning. I have included the post below. This post can also be found on our Facebook page MCL Det 1267 Col. Phillip C. DeLong,

Dtd: 20190214 at 6:52 AM

Marines, I am moving forward on my book and would like to ask for your input, as well as ask for contributions. The book will cover the history of the colors and markings applied to Marine Corps aircraft from 1989 to 2024.

First, have any of you ever used Kickstarter or Indiegogo? If so, can you please provide your thoughts and/or experiences with either, both positive and negative.

Second, my target date for publication is November 10, 2024. That will provide me the opportunity to cover 35 years, as well as give me 5 years to gather more photos and information. Pushing it out to 2024 also allows the inclusion of more F-35 squadrons and hopefully the CH-53K.

With that, I am asking for your contributions in the way of photos and knowledge of markings and paint schemes applied to any air frame you supported from 1989 to present day. Please PM or send an email to the following address :

Also, please check out my page dedicated to the research for this project Marine Corps Aviation Colors and Markings 1989 to Today

Thank you for any support you may be able to give.

Semper Fidelis,


Click the photo below to email Dave.

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