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Come honor him and his ultimate sacrifice.


Marines are kindly asked to wear a RED shirt/ jacket and cover.


Submitted By: Lou Calleja,

Edited: Webmaster.

"Dear Vietnam Commemoration committee members, I received a phone call from a Mrs. Cathy Haynes who is with a group that looks for unmarked graves of Vietnam Veterans located in Florida. Their goal is to put a face to the deceased veteran. Recently an unmarked grave was found for a Navy Corpsman KIA in Vietnam. Mrs. Haynes is looking for Marines of the MCL to come and honor his memory at a ceremony in Dayton. The following is the information on the ceremony: For those able to attend the ceremony please wear your MCL cover and our detachment red polo shirt. Ceremony event - Sat. 21 Jan.- Dedication of the grave marker for 'Doc Mole,' a Vietnam War casualty. HM3 Malcolm G. Mole has been in an unmarked grave for 54+ years. He was a Navy Corpsman embedded with the Marines and killed at Khe Sahn during the Tet offensive Jan. 1968. Ceremony will be at Daytona Memorial Park on Sat. 21 Jan. at 2 pm. For whatever reason, a grave marker was never ordered or requested until this situation was found in the Spring of 2022. This day is the 55th anniversary of his death. Come honor him and his ultimate sacrifice. Daytona Memorial Park 1425 Bellevue Ave., Daytona Beach, FL, 32114. For more Info: 407-239-8468, or VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) Chapter 1048 of Daytona Beach. Cathy Haynes Member/supporter/volunteer of numerous veteran and military organizations in Central FL 407-239-8468

Semper Fidelis, Lou Calleja VN Commemoration Chairman 352-399-6628

Cell: 561-602-7068"


From the "Wall of Faces" website



You know you cannot bring me back, You know that I am gone, I walk the streets of Heaven now, It's my eternal home, But think of me now and then, Just as you do today, Remember that I died for you, So America could stay, A land where men are equal, A land where men are free, A land I lived and died for, When you think of Freedom, "THINK OF ME". Submitted and written by Loyde P. "Snake" Arender, Machine-gunner, K 3/26, USMC. IN REMEMBERANCE OF OUR K 3/26 KIA. From the KILO COMPANY/3RD MARINE BATTALION/26TH MARINE REGIMENT ROSTER HOMEPAGE. "I TRIED" "I TRIED" my best to save you, Both you and God know "I TRIED", "I TRIED" to stop the hand of death, As I knelt there by your side, "I TRIED" everything that I could do, During the fire-fight in Nam that day, But no matter how hard "I TRIED", There was nothing I could do or say, I stared deep into your eyes, I held you as you died, And though no words were spoken, I believe you know "I TRIED". Submitted by R. Keith Miller - Corpsman - K 3/26. Written by Loyde P. "Snake" Arender - K 3/26 Machine-gunner, USMC. IN REMEMBERANCE OF OUR K 3/26 KIA. In appreciation of "Doc" (Dedicated to all of our K 3/26 Corpsmen).

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