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Email Duplication

From now until the end of the 2018 Toys for Tots Season, if you are involved in Warehouse Operations or active in Toys for Tots, there is a possibility that you will be receiving two identical emails regarding T4T.  One will be sent from me and the other by Fred Coenen.  The reason is that we have many volunteers from other organizations who help with Toys for Tots.  As such, they have not been receiving emails from the T4T coordinator which causes problems.  So, our temporary solution for this year is that both Fred and I will be sending identical emails.  Fred's list will cover the non-Detachment volunteers and my list will cover the Detachment.  We will resolve this after the T4T season is concluded.  In the meantime, please bear with us.   


Sent by Sr Vice Commandant and Communications Officer John Davies, Marine Corps League Det #1267

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